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At the beginning of 2009 the town off Amsterdam has started implementing its certification requirement for these companies for the a life threatening means

At the beginning of 2009 the town off Amsterdam has started implementing its certification requirement for these companies for the a life threatening means

A few of them are closed, no less than temporarily, and people hyperlinks had been removed. We all know that all of them that have other sites nonetheless performing possess complied with the license demands, but word is the fact one or two continue to be refusing to help you comply otherwise closed. We’ll end up being removing those people out of this index once we features that which you verified. We noted the people we realize features permits, and you can suggest you stay glued to the individuals if you would like play it safer. At all, if a family works dishonestly inside the an unbarred environment along these lines, you might be set for other offensive surprises by patronizing her or him.

up-date: The licensing law now applies to all agencies doing business in Amsterdam, and as of , the law will likely apply to all agencies operating throughout the Netherlands. All the licenses (where noted) for the agencies listed below have been confirmed through Amsterdam City Hall, and others are pending.

Normal escort providers and large-category escort organizations

If you are looking for quick sex with a pretty girl in the privacy or your hotel room, then the list below of “regular” escort agencies have got you covered. But if you are looking for more of a fantasy encounter and you have the money to pay for it, consult the list of “high-class” agencies toward the bottom.
>>more information examine this site on regular escorts vs. high-class escorts

Regular escort agencies

Angels out-of Amsterdam (licensed)
This appears to be a newer agency, or at least their site appears to be new, and it’s quite impressive. Right now they have 14 escorts listed (basically the same girls that appear on the Pure Senses site, listed below), most of whom are showing their faces, and most of them are quite attractive. The site itself is very slick, with a nice feature that allows you to select a criteria like dress size, cup size, whether they kiss or not etc., and with one click you’ll only be looking at the girls who fit that criteria. The site says the girls work independently so they each set their own price, but most of them list a price of “starting at €200”, which seems pretty reasonable compared to many other agencies. Several of the escorts currently listed have “reviews” that you can read, and all of them have a button where you can write your own review (presumably after hiring them), and while reviews are extremely helpful for something like this, it’s a bit hard to trust ones posted by the agency itself. Not all the reviews there are 100% glowing, so it’s very possible they are real, though it seems unlikely they’d actually post one that said the girl was rubbish.
Angels of Amsterdam site

Girl’s Providers Escort Service (licensed)
Girls Company recently upgraded its website, and they seem to have added quite a few new girls as well. They have quite a few very pretty girls on their roster, and the most shocking thing might be that most of them are around the €140 per hour range, with a one-hour minimum, which puts them clearly into the bargain category in spite of what looks to be a professionally run outfit. Now you can also read short and creative biographies about each girl, which should tell you at least a bit about their personality. This is one of the most entertaining sites to just click around, but if you are serious about companionship then this looks like a good option as well.
Girls Company site

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